Ultrasound examples

The veterinarians of Equine Medicine Specialists of South Florida have 3 state-of-the art ultrasound machines in order to provide ultrasounds of the lungs, abdomen, heart, large vessels, pelvic vasculature and much more!

Thoracic (lung/chest) ultrasound images:
Lung ultrasound is helpful in investigating lung disease (particularly pneumonia) in horses since it is impossible to obtain quality x-rays on the farm. We can use lung ultrasound to diagnose and track the progress of various forms of respiratory disease and advise on diagnostics and treatment options. The 1st image shows lung surface irregularities in a case of mild pneumonia. The 2nd image shows "consolidated" lung in a moderate case of pneumonia. The 3rd image below shows scar tissue in the chest cavity due to accumulation of infected chest cavity fluid in severe pleuropneumonia.

Abdominal ultrasound images:
Imaging of the abdomen is helpful in cases of acute and recurring colic, fever, poor performance and for many other issues! With the ultrasound we can see portions of the kidneys, liver, stomach, small intestine, and large colons. We often use the ultrasound to determine if portions of the GI tract are thickened, and to look at each abdominal organ for evidence of infection, irritation or other abnormalities. The 1st and 3rd images below show thickened small intestine in a horse with lethargy and lack of appetite. The 2nd image illustrates a suspected infection (small abscess) within the wall of the right dorsal colon.


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